Western Union

Western Union is a safest way to send money to more than 200 countries and other territories worldwide anytime. Your recipient can get the money in cash in any of 500,000 locations of Western Union partners in their currency. Money Transfers are available for pick up by the Receiver after validation of Sender information which may take up to 24 hours, on a "Will Call" basis. Sometimes, few transfer services or transfer amounts that exceed the limit may take a longer time or be subject to additional restrictions. Please contact Western Union at the telephone number listed below for current information and availability of Test Questions for your selected destination.

Xpress Money

Xpress Money has a network of 180,000 offices throughout the world spread across 5 continents and 100 plus countries. Here, the foreign currency payment to an individual or organisation delivered electronically to a bank. Xpress Money is one of the best money transfer companies that has existed over the last 17 years, with 100 per cent commitment and respectful handling of our customers' hard earned money.


MoneyGram works through a network of agents and financial institution customers. We believe that our goal to build a strong organization starts with a commitment to our employees. That's why we strive to promote a challenging, rewarding and fun environment. We understand the importance of career development, so we provide many opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.


Transfast is a New York based money transfer company with offices in UAE and the Philippines. The company provides cross-border payments solutions for consumers and businesses around the world. Transfast is also connected to M-Pesa in Kenya and teamed up with three major Kenyan banks, allowing customers worldwide to make instant money transfers in the country.

Money Receiving From Abroad

Domestic Transfer

It is a kind of transfer, where actual money is transferred from or to your account from another account within the same country. These transfers invite bank charges and it is very simple like recharging a mobile connection. In order to send the money, customer needs the beneficiary bank account number, IFSC Code and the amount which needs to be transferred.

State Bank Of India Mini Counter

Our Company Price List

Country Our Buy Price Our Sell Price
IND/USD 71.00 72.80
IND/EUR 81.50 83.00
IND/GBP 91 93.50
IND/CHF 72 73.90
IND/AUD 51.00 52.80
IND/CAD 53.50 54.90
IND/SGD 52.50 54.00
IND/MYR 17.25 18.50
IND/AED 19.30 20.50
IND/SAR 18.90 20.00
* The above rates are determined by market conditions and this can be Changeable