DilkushForex Solutions Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading foreign exchange dealers in Chennai. Established in the year 2000, Dilkush has got into the primer list of forex exchanges in the city. Owned by Mrs. R.Devi kalavathyM.Com,B.L, DilkushForex is one among the popular forex dealer in T.Nagar offering the best exchange rates for currencies of more than 80 countries. Besides, the company also offers several tour packages from Chennai at affordable prices.We are recognized as reliable white hat players in money transfer services with a dedicated client base

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Our Company Price List

Country Our Buy Price Our Sell Price
IND/USD 65.00 66.10
IND/EUR 80.00 81.50
IND/GBP 89.90 91.30
IND/CHF 68.10 71.00
IND/AUD 50.90 52.30
IND/CAD 50.50 51.80
IND/SGD 49.00 50.20
IND/MYR 16.30 17.00
IND/AED 17.35 18.20
IND/SAR 17.20 18.05
* The above rates are determined by market conditions and this can be Changeable

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